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Admin Join

Plugin: Admin Join Description: Admin Join is a plugin that will broadcast the name of an OP that joins the se...


Plugin: AFK Description: AFK is a plugin that allows the players in your server to announce if they’re AFK. Co...

AFK Kick

Plugin: AFK Kick Description: AFK Kick kicks players that have been inactive for more than 5 minutes. Cost: 59...


Plugin: Alias Description: Alias lets you get information of players on your server such as other usernames th...

Always Spawn

Plugin: Always Spawn Description: Always Spawn is a plugin that will make you teleport to the spawn after you ...

Auto Broadcast

Plugin: Auto Broadcast Description: Auto Broadcast allows you to do regularly scheduled broadcasts on your ser...

Auto Command

Plugin: Auto Command Description: Run Commands on your server at set intervals. Cost: 2499 Status: Working Tut...

Auto Smelt

Plugin: Auto Smelt Description: Automatically smelt any ores that you break and put them in your inventory. Co...

Blood FX

Plugin: Blood FX Description: Adds blood effects to people taking damage and dying. Cost: 3999 Status: Working...

Bounce Block

Plugin: Bounce Block Description: Make players jump into the sky when walking on special blocks. Cost: 999 Sta...

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