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How do I create a faction?

Once you've enabled the Factions plugin, use /f create <name> to create your faction.

How do I copy/paste builds?

In order to copy/paste builds, you will need to have the World Edit plugin. Do //1 in the first coordinate an...

How do I disable PvP at spawn?

There are 2 ways to disable PvP at spawn. 1. Using SpawnProtection You can enable this from the LEET app (und...

How do I remove an NPC?

You can remove an NPC with the following command: /npc remove <ID> If you are unsure of the NPC's ID, y...

How do I unban myself?

If you were banned from your server with the regular ban (/ban) then you can re-op another account via the LEE...

How do I add/delete a broadcast?

You can add a broadcast to your server with /broadcast add then put the message in chat. After doing that, ins...

How do I add/remove someone from VIP Slots?

You can add a player to the VIP Slots list with the command /addVIP <username> You can remove a player ...

How do I block a word from my server?

You can block (or 'filter') words from your server with the ChatFilter plugin. Use the following command to a...

What does /addparent do, and how do I use it?

The command /addparent creates a 'parent' and 'child' group, which can be used for sharing the same permission...

Admin Fun

Plugin: Admin Fun Description: With Admin Fun you can troll players on your server, but you can also find many...

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