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Plugin: Notifications Description: Get notified whenever someone joins your server. OPs will have OP before th...


Plugin: Log Block Description: This is a very powerful plugin that you can use to figure out who has broken bl...

No Void

Plugin: No Void Description: Instead of people falling into the void, they get teleported to spawn. Cost: 799 ...

No Adveritsing

Plugin: No Advertising Description: With No Advertising you can stop people from advertising on your server by...

Magic Menu

Plugin: Magic Menu Description: Magic Menu adds the ability of using a lot of cool Functions such as “TNT Laun...

Nick Name

Plugin: Nick Name Description: With Nick Name your players are able to “change” their username from the game. ...

Nether Chests

Plugin: Nether Chests Description: Enables Nether Chests on your server, which are chests than can be accessed...

Uban Items

Plugin: Unban Items Description: Un-ban some blocked items (Lava, Water, TNT and Bows) which were blocked for ...

Mine Reset

Plugin: Mine Reset Description: With Mine Reset you can create reset-able mines on your server. Cost: 3999 Sta...

How do I add/remove an action from a block?

You can add an action to a block by doing /action, tapping the block, and then typing the command in the chat....

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