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Support Center


I bought a plugin and don't want it anymore

Unfortunately, we do not refund for this reason, if you no longer need and or want the plugin, you can turn it...

How do I add/set permissions?

In order to be able to set permissions to players and groups on your server you will have to have the Modify R...

Can't use '/setuperm' or '/setgperm', what do...

First, make sure that you are OP and that you have the plugin "Modify Ranks" as this plugin will unlock these ...

A plugin isn't working, what do I do?

Try restarting the plugin, your server, and then try to rollback to when the plugin was working normally. A la...

How many plugins are there in the LEET App?

There are currently 89 plugins. You can view all of the current plugins (along with their costs, description, ...

How do I add a Multi-World?

You can add parallel maps (worlds) by selecting the map you want via the LEET app and then selecting the "Add ...

How do I remove 'tax' from a player or group?

To remove tax, you will need to have the plugin Modify Ranks unlocked. This will allow you to set permissions....

How do I edit a kit?

To edit a kit that has already been created, use the command: /kitedit <kit name> <kit items>

How do I customize my groups/ranks?

You can customize the ranks on your server with the /setformat command. Simply do: /setformat <group> &...

How do I place ItemCases?

To place ItemCases, you will need the ItemCase plugin. Use the command /ic to place a block/item in glass or ...

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