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Support Center


How much do credits cost?

The current credit costs have been provided below: Credit packages costs (iOS): 300 credits | $.99 2,000 cre...

How do I donate to a server?

Download the LEET Donations app (Android), or the LEET Co-Payments app (iOS), then input your username, and th...

How do I purchase credits for my server?

There are currently 2 ways to purchase credits for your server. 1. The most common and easiest way is through...

How do I check if someone donated to my server (Android)?

There is a button called 'Log' on the top of the LEET app, this will show the credits that have been donated t...

How do I check if someone donated to my server (iOS)?

You can check if a player donated to your server by clicking on 'CREDITS' on the top right of the LEET app, th...

Can I get free credits?

We give 70 free credits upon setup. If you wish to receive more free credits, tap the 'Free Credits option and...

How do I get more credits?

You can obtain more credits for your server by: - Purchasing credits yourself. - Completing offers in-exchang...

I completed an offer but didn't receive my free credits?

If you completed an offer in exchange for free credits (such as downloading and playing a game) but didn't rec...

I purchased credits but didn't receive them?

You may need to reboot the app in order for the credits to refresh. If you still haven't received the credits,...

Are there hacks to get free credits?

All exploits and hacks have been patched. If we find out that a server is hacking their credits, they will fac...

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