Vanilla 1.6 (beta)

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What is Vanilla 1.6 (beta)?

This is a Minecraft Server that includes all Vanilla Minecraft features including Mobs, Animals and even the End dimension!

How is this different from a normal LEET server?

This is a vanilla Minecraft server, it doesn't support plugins and maps.
Switching between the regular version and this one will remove your data, to restore, you have to switch the version back to PocketMine and use the rollback system.

How can I opt-in to test?

You can opt-in manually from the app by:
  • settings/configuration
  • Server Version
  • Vanilla 1.6 (beta)

Notes for vanilla version: 

  •   This is just a test.
  •   Whitelist doesn't work.
  •   Max players are forced to 10, no matter what setting you have in the app.
  •   Op-ing players only works if the server is live and the player in question is online. 
  •   Op list isn't preserved over server restarts.
  •   All vanilla features work ( redstone, mobs, enchanting, end, nether, etc )

Feedback? Questions?

Let us know what you think here: (be sure to select "Vanilla Version Feedback")

Anything goes, we want to hear what you think about this!

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