Can I share my LEET Server Control Panel with my friends?

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Though this is not advised, yes, with LEET v2, you can access your server configurations from any Android or iOS device. Simply input the email address and password that the server was registered with.
Some things to KEEP in mind
  1. We are not responsible for what happens while you give some one else access to your account.
  2. If you give some one your login and they buy something we will not refund you the credits. 
  3. With great power comes great responsibility. Having access to the app allows you to configure any of the server settings including changing the password. 
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Hey Server Owners


Today we released 2 new and exciting plugins: Protection Blocks and Capes. Find out what they're all about below!

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Protection Blocks


Protection Blocks allows you to give your players a block which when placed will protect an area of 10 blocks in each direction. Use the command /prblock give [player name] to add a protection block to their inventory. Additionally, you can automate this process and allow a player to claim a block by using MadCommands!




Capes are highly coveted cosmetic gear on Minecraft and they can now be used on LEET servers! Upload your capes to or create your own at and add them in-game by using /cape update [capeID] [capeCode]. Give a player a cape by using /cape set [playerName] [capeID]. CapeID's can be 0, 1, and/or 2. You will get your capeCode after you upload your cape to!



Stay Tuned!


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