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How do i load parallel maps? (iOS)

Parallel Maps are maps that you can download to your LEET Server. Before installing a map, you are required to have the MultiWorld plugin enabled.

Login to your LEET Server on the LEET V2 App. Once there select the 'Maps' option in the bottom center of your screen.

There you will see a variety of maps to choose from. Choose the one you want, and click it.

I have found the map I want, so now I have two options. Set as primary map, or set as parallel map
Set as Primary Map : This will remove your main world, and will replace it for the map chosen
Add as Parallel Map : This will not remove your main world, but instead you can go to this map, at anytime.
We must keep in mind the name of the map. This will be used so you can enter the map on the server. The map name is located at the bottom of the popup.

If Primary Map:
Just purchase the map, and join the server. If map hasn't loaded, restart the server.

If Parallel Map
If you have chosen to' add as parallel map', then join your server. Now create a sign. In the first line type [WORLD] and make sure it is all caps. In the second line include the name of the map.

Now tap the sign, and you will be teleported to the map. Enjoy!
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