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How can I edit a kit once I create it?

It is very simple to add a kit, and edit it later. You can also add more than one item to kit if you want to edit it later. In the following steps, you will learn how to edit a kit.
  1.  First create a kit. I want the kit to be called 'Lumberjack' and offer an iron axe with it. The id for an iron axe is 258, so to create the kit Lumberjack I would type '/kit create Lumberjack 258'.
  2. Although I feel like the Lumberjack kit should have steak, but instead of creating a new kit, I would edit the kit. The id for steak is 364, so I would type '/kit edit Lumberjack 258,364' and now the kit Lumberjack will offer an iron axe, and a steak. 

Note: If you want to add more than one item to the kit, then use a comma between each ID.
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