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All servers are hosted on professional and powerful servers that are live 24/7 with no lag. There are many settings for the servers, including changing the map, changing the game mode, adding "ranks" to players, enabling PVP, and several premium features (Economy, World Edit, Land Protection, Factions, 1-vs-1 PVP, etc.).

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Hey Server Owners


Today we're releasing 2 new plugins, SkyGrid and Per-world inventories. Find out what they're all about below!

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Popular survival game-mode from MC:PC. A world where between each block there's 3 blocks of air. Survive by skillfully jumping from block to block. Avoid falling down to your death!


Per-World Invetory


This plugin allows you to group multiple worlds into a single world-group. Each world-group has separate player inventory, gamemode and economy (money).



Protection blocks:

Let your players protect their hard work from griefers with Protection blocks!


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